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One of the main reasons for  live streaming is simply due to its massive user base and growing popularity. It has the potential to reach thousands customers with one click. Using live-stream platforms is a nearly free way to increase revenue for your business.

And when it comes down to it, the video live-streaming market is growing at an alarming rate.

Main services

Live Streaming

24x7 Channel

We provide cloud streaming server for TV channels to run 24×7 across the globe in various platform.

Live Event Streaming

Events can go live now with us to various platform and places to your known ones anywhere.

Conference Stream

Any video conference of debate can go live with 24×7 channel to discuss on open platform around your region.

Church / Gurdwara Live

We provide cloud streaming live from any Church , Gurdwara, Temple, etc. and other religious activities across the globe in various platform.

Marriage / Birthday Live

Now show you full marriage event live to your relatives far from home without missing their presence.

Live Video Meeting

Official or friendly meetings or online get together can go live now to various platforms around the globe with no delay.

Other Services

Streaming Server & Digital Promotion

24x7 Channel Live

Start your own channel with us and reach out to the global market to showcase your content worldwide.

E-Learning Live Class

Stream live events such  as Webinar/ E-learning/ Virtual Classroom. Live video is a great way to expand the event (and your brand) beyond the room.

Game Live Stream

Now start your own Gaming Live Stream. Few interested  enjoy watching someone who is much better then themselves playing a game they enjoy. 

Mobile Streaming

Now streaming directly from your mobile to any where from any place while you go. It allows you to capture and send a live video stream from anywhere with a mobile connection.

IP Camera Live Stream

Can send live streams directly over Ethernet cables to anywhere in the world.This enables remote capabilities and streamlined management.


Digital Promotion

You can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. The internet increases your audience.  If you can provide what they want, it doesn’t matter where your clients or customers live.

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